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Pet Club: *In Loving Memory*

In loving memory of all the deceased pets on petster. This clan is for deceased pets(well obviously). May you all rest in peace!

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Familiar group pic!
Posted by
1 Jan 11, 07 03:10PM
Posted by Trooper Rest in Peace 2003-2006
2 Dec 15, 06 07:05PM
Miss you much
Posted by Dominique
1 Nov 15, 06 02:06PM
Momma Bear Lucy
Posted by Toby
1 Oct 23, 06 06:22PM
Posted by
0 Sep 29, 06 12:05PM
its been awhile...
Posted by Max
3 Aug 11, 06 07:48PM
Welcome Peppy!
Posted by
1 Jun 25, 06 10:11AM
i died i think...
Posted by Max
1 Jun 19, 06 05:31PM
can me be a mod?
Posted by Max
2 Jun 19, 06 05:30PM
a poem for kaya
Posted by Max
1 Jun 10, 06 11:29AM
two new pictures!
Posted by Max
1 May 21, 06 10:20AM
Welcome to the clan Gray Ghost!
Posted by
0 Apr 28, 06 12:40PM
Welcome Max and Flash!!
Posted by
2 Apr 27, 06 01:40PM
Welcome to the clan Farrah Dawn!
Posted by
1 Apr 20, 06 04:18PM
Welcome Logan and Finn!
Posted by
0 Mar 26, 06 12:21PM
Welcome Big Boy!!
Posted by
0 Feb 07, 06 03:47PM
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simba (died from kidney problems) (Cat)
Pandora (Cat)
Carlito (Fish)
Gideon (Guinea Pig)
Weet Weet (Guinea Pig)
Sydney (Hamster)
crystal of anglehouse (Dog)
fifi (Dog)
kittie ming (Cat)
pimples (Hamster)
spot (Dog)
google (Dog)
snow (Dog)
ToL (Bird)
mario (Dog)
hero (Dog)
angel (Dog)
Lovla (Fish)
Hershey (Rabbit)
Tiny (Dog)
Sammie (Fish)
Chelsie (Dog)
Handsome Samson Sourmug (Dog)
Sugar Crazy Maysie Baby (Dog)
Phantom - In loving memory... (Cat)
Bobo (In Loving Memory) (Rabbit)
Shelby (In loving memory) (Mouse)
Roushe (In loving memory) (Mouse)
Grover (In loving memory) (Hamster)
Reenie (In Loving Memory) (Hamster)
Harvey (In Loving Memory) (Rabbit)
Skye (Dog)
Sonja (Dog)
Tessa (Guinea Pig)
Kitty-One-Eye *In Memory Of* (Cat)
Mini (Dog)
kitty (Cat)
ENZO (Dog)
Thyme. In Loving Memory. (Guinea Pig)
Sheeba (Dog)
Lucky (Dog)
solo (Dog)
yoda (Dog)
Bluewish (Bird)
knightsilog (Dog)
R.I.P - Panda :'( 20SEP09-12APR11 (Cat)
agapito payat (Reptile)
Kitchie (Cat)
browne (Dog)
whity (Dog)
Hero (Cat)
beethoven (Dog)
Bailey (Dog)
Makie (Dog)
Itim (Cat)
Renesmee (Hamster)
Kyoshi (Dog)
'SWEET' (Dog)
Baby James (in loving memory) (Dog)
Marina (Dog)
pettina (in loving memory) (Dog)
Marikit (R.I.P.) (Dog)
Stormy (R.I.P.) (Dog)
Odessey (Cat)
Princess (Cat)
Leon Jackson (Cat)
Kimmy (Cat)
Brownee (Guinea Pig)
martina brookehillside (Dog)
AeOn (Dog)
SnowBall (Dog)
kokey (Dog)
Chowy (Dog)
Mavee (Dog)
Simon (Cat)
Charlotte (In Loving Memory) (Other)
Jessie (Dog)
Sabre ♥ (In Loving Memory) (Hamster)
Bear ♥ (In Loving Memory) (Hamster)
Binky ♥ (In Loving Memory) (Hamster)
Tiny ♥ (Lost) (Hamster)
PeeWee ♥ (In Loving Memory) (Hamster)
Brandy ♥ (In Loving Memory) (Hamster)
Keb ♥ (In Loving Memory) (Hamster)
Sandy ♥ (In Loving Memory) (Hamster)
Candy ♥ (In Loving Memory) (Hamster)
Cat ♥ (In Loving Memory) (Hamster)
Moose ♥ (In Loving Memory) (Cat)
Mickey ♥ (In Loving Memory) (Hamster)
Snails ♥ (In Loving Memory) (Other)
Gizmo (Hamster)
♥Toots♥ (Dog)
Stinky (RIP) (Crustacean)
Ruby(RIP) (Other)
Puma, Acid, Ecstasy, Stubby,Biasell (Reptile)
Wuzzy ♥ (In Loving Memory) (Fish)
Phillie ♥ (In Loving Memory) (Bird)
♥Scotty♥-In Memory (Guinea Pig)
♥Davy♥-In memory (Guinea Pig)
♥Bobbie♥-In Memory (Guinea Pig)
♥Robbie♥-In Memory (Guinea Pig)
ginger (Dog)
Chester (Hamster)
peppy (in loving memory) (Hamster)
Big Boy ( In Loving Memory) (Cat)
Cloak(RIP) (Gerbil)
Mystical Storm (Cat)
Max (Dog)
Farrah Dawn (Dog)
Flash (Dog)
Paco (Bird)
Floppy ♥ (In Loving Memory) (Guinea Pig)
Fuzzy ♥ (In Loving Memory) (Fish)
M.J.( in loving memory) (Cat)
Roscoe ~R.I.P~Always In My HEART. (Guinea Pig)
Tigretti (Cat)
Psyche (Cat)
Paul (Cat)
Anna (Cat)
Sparky (Dog)
Bear (RIP 2005 - 2007) (Hamster)
Bailey (In Loving Memory) (Dog)
Trooper Rest in Peace 2003-2006 (Dog)
Beba in ♥ Memory (Dog)
Miley in Memory ♠ ♥ (Dog)
Prince (Cat)
Pumkin (In Loving Memory) (Dog)
Toby (Dog)
Top Cat (Cat)
Dominique (Cat)
Princess Honeybear (Cat)
Monday (Cat)
Cotton Candy *In Memory Of* (Dog)
Six-Pak (Dog)
Clover (Rabbit)
Thoya (to-ya) (Bird)
Brando(in loving memory) (Dog)
Odie (In Loving Memory) :( (Guinea Pig)
Captain Jacqueline Sparrow Jr (Mouse)
Elizabeth Swann (In Loving Memory). (Mouse)
King Zerubbabel R.I.P. (Fish)
Zoey (In Loving Memory). :( (Hamster)
Arwen (In Loving Memory). :( (Hamster)
Jingle Bell Rock (In Loving Memory) (Mouse)
Whytnie (In Loving Memory). :( (Guinea Pig)
Delilah (In Loving Memory). :( (Hamster)
Topeka (In Loving Memory). :( (Hamster)
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